Extra options

Would you like a more extensive buffet? That’s possible!

The buffets can be expanded with:

  • Tomato and / or vegetable soup € 4.50 p.p.
  • Grilled ham from 30 people € 2.75 p.p.
  • Various types of luxury meats such as carpaccio, roast beef and diverent types of ham € 4.25 p.p.
  • Herring board € 2.50 p.p.
  • A luxurious salmon salad with various types of fish € 6.25 p.p.
  • Warm vegetables € 1.00 p.p.

It is also possible to close a buffet with a delicious ice cream and pudding buffet. This consists of various types of bavarois, ice cream, fresh fruits and whipped cream.
The price for the ice cream and pudding buffet € 5.95 p.p.

For a group of children: a children’s buffet with various small children’s dishes is set up especially for these small eaters.
The price for a children’s buffet € 7.25 p.p.

Of course vegetarian dishes are possible and we can take diets into account.

Feel free to call or visit ‘t Stien’nboer.

If you make an appointment, we will take your arrival into account.


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