Environmentally friendly

Nature plays an important role in your holiday feeling. Spend a lot of time outdoors, enjoy the sun in a natural wooded area and sleep in your own camping equipment or in comfortable accommodation. We as a campsite therefore feel responsible for the environment. Together we can restore the balance between man and nature.

Green Key

Green key is the national quality mark for companies in the tourism and recreation industry that are seriously and verifiably engaged in sustainability, with care for the environment at the company and nature in their surroundings. To be eligible for Green Key, entrepreneurs must be environmentally aware. The more measures are taken for this, the higher the final result. Green Key has three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. We can proudly say that we have achieved gold.

Separation and reduction of waste

Separating garbage goes without saying; our guests also participate in this. Glass, paper, plastic, tin, scrap iron, clothing, batteries, chemical and household waste are all neatly separated at our campsite. Reducing waste is of course also important and that is why we try to separate as much as possible to enable recycling.

The toilet blocks

We have energy-saving LED lamps in our toilet blocks. There are also motion detectors everywhere, so that lights do not burn when no one is present. Our showers are equipped with water-saving taps and shower heads. We work with shower coins to prevent unnecessary waste of (hot) water. The guest is more aware of the consumption of shower and washing up water if there is a (small) fee in return.

The laundry service

We also thought about the environment when purchasing the washing machine. The washing machine takes heated water from the solar boiler so that it uses less energy when heating water. The laundry is weighed first, so that the consumption of electricity is limited. The gas dryers are energy efficient.


More and more of our communications is digital. You will receive this via e-mail instead of a paper letter or newsletter. And you will find almost all information on our website. This way we waste as little paper and ink as possible!


We have environmentally responsible cleaning products and we also clean by hand with microfibre cloths. We use a high-pressure steam cleaner every week. There is an automatic dosing system for cleaning products in all toilet blocks and in the restaurant.


We have an electric car for cleaning and technical service. We also use bicycles on our site! In addition, we have an entrance gate with an anti-pass back system so that people do not drive on and off the site without restriction. Thresholds have also been placed on the site so that pedestrian cars maintain speed. And we have luggage trolleys at the entrance of the fields for transporting the luggage so that the car is not unnecessarily driven across the camping field.

Swimming pool

We have installed solar panels on the roof of our swimming pool. In addition to gas and solar energy, a wood stove has been installed for heating. We can cut down on our gas consumption considerably because of the wood burning. Despite being environmentally friendly, the pool is still wonderfully warm!

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