Swimming lessons

Swimming lessons for kids
We give swimming lessons in our pool in small groups (max. 7 kids).
This is under the leadership of Mrs. Margreet Bakker-Roozeboom.

The swimming lessons are possible for swimming certificates A, B and C. We train your child for the diploma requirements determined by “ZON” (swimming lessons education Netherlands).

The Survival ABC program focuses on saving themselves, including when the child ends up in the water dressed or how they can help other people.
Furthermore, the children who join Survival ABC are allowed to swim in a pool that is not limited to specific dimensions.
But… at least 50% of the distance that must be covered, the candidate must pass in deep water. The temperature of the pool is pleasant and the dimensions are:
Length: 9 meters
Width: 9 meters
Depth: 1.40 meters

Lesson days:
Monday to Thursday from 5 PM – 7.15 PM.

If you are interested, you can register your child by emailing:

For more information, you can also contact Ms Margreet Bakker-Roozeboom (06-12495838) by telephone.

The costs for taking swimming lessons are € 35 per month / per child.

Additional costs:
Registration fee € 10, –
Diploma costs € 10, –

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