Swimming pool activities

Moving in the water for adults

For different target groups we offer lessons in our swimming pool under the guidance of a qualified instructor.
Classes include a mix of jogging, swimming and water gymnastics. Exercise in the water is for people over 20/30/40 but also for people over 50/60/70.

Because the exercises are performed in water, you use all your muscles but do not overload them. In addition, the water has a pleasant temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. We work to keep the body in shape and improve it in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Social contacts are promoted by being active together and enjoying a cup of coffee or tea afterwards.
We request that you report any restrictions in advance to Mrs. Margreet Bakker-Roozeboom (06-12495838).

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Lesson times and costs

These classes take place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening from 7.15 pm to 8.15 pm or on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning from 9 am to 10 am.

The costs are € 16 per month for one lesson per week. If you would like 2 hours of lessons per week, the costs are € 25 per month.

You can join one of the classes for free so that you can decide for yourself whether you like it.

For more information, you can also contact Ms Margreet Bakker-Roozeboom (06-12495838).

Haptotherapy in water

Water therapy or haptotherapy in water gives you a special experience. Water envelops you and brings you directly into contact with your touch and feeling world. In the interaction, water very clearly reflects how you relate to the other. A wonderful, gentle form of haptotherapy!

Water therapy is especially suitable if you:

  • you have difficulty relaxing; in water you feel faster, and the warm water calms down;
  • very dreadful about being touched on the treatment couch; then let the water envelop you, experience the space it gives for encounters;
  • lose yourself easily; in the enclosure, water makes you feel yourself;
    have a special positive or negative relationship with water; in the latter case, we can work on gradually reversing the negative experiences;
  • are processing unpleasant experiences (part of trauma therapy); in the water you can experience your vital movement.
  • Moreover, it is a way of regulating all those intense feelings.
    want to learn more about attchmentt: water is an excellent medium to recognize and recognize your attachment style (and see also the test), but also to take steps with regard to any fear of commitment
  • loves to experience how you can be carried in and by the water: in that case we think more about water relaxation, although it can also be part of the therapy.

For more information or to make an appointment, click here.

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