Twentse wedding

Minimum 40 persons € 25.50 per person

Duration: 4 hours

Reception 8:00 PM

  • Coffee
  • Profiteroles or cake


  • Dutch range of drinks (take out at the bar)
  • 2x snacks
  • 2x luxury cold snacks

Closing at 00:00 hours
Coffee with chocolate

Twentse bruiloft 2

Changes or Extensions
Twente currants (instead of profiteroles / cake)
Petit Four (instead of puffs / cake)
Sorted pastries (instead of profiteroles / cake)
Cake buffet (instead of puffs / cake)
Prosecco (instead of coffee)
Nuts and pretzels on the table
Warm meat sandwich (instead of bonbon)
2 sandwiches and 2x coffee / tea (instead of bonbon)
Warm meat sandwich, Ham / cheese sandwich (instead of bonbon) 2x coffee
Extra cold snack
Extra warm snacks Half an hour extra drink
1 hour extra drink
Serving the drinks instead of getting yourself

We only serve foreign distilled drinks at your request. These drinks are charged separately.
You can also supplement this package with 1 of our buffets


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